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Did you know that labelling as you know it is a very recent phenomenon? Not too long ago, before the advent of frozen and canned foods, and at a time where the word Twinkie or Froot Loop would have sounded preposterous, an ingredient was no more than a single food – a carrot, papaya, some nuts or an egg. There were no ‘foodies’, ‘vegans’, ‘raw-foodists’, ‘locavores’, nor snack foods, fast food chains and instant meals. Today it may feel entirely normal to eat food that has been picked, crushed, pressed, flash frozen, irradiated, genetically modified, coloured, preserved, fumigated, assembled, packaged and then shipped to a supermarket. Whew! At this time I’m challenged with a generation of people who have no idea about the stories behind their foods.

This fun and dynamic trip through the world of food labels will put you in the drivers seat of your shopping cart. The end result will be a smashing kitchen makeover that your friends will be talking about.

The Additives that take Away
Ingredients to Die For
Hidden Surprises and it’s Not the Toy in your Cereal

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