I was up last night watching a documentary called Cowspiracy. My mind was racing late into the night… thinking about this planet. And I am convinced that the biggest challenge to global warming is that we see it as a problem for someone else to resolve. But based on the facts it revealed, we are creating the demand to keep THE most destructive industry alive and growing. I write this with a sense of urgency NOT judgement. Governments cannot control our every behaviour and definitely can’t tell us what to eat. And because the cattle industry is so very powerful, nobody is speaking about the unthinkable facts revealed in this documentary. I’ve summarized some below but please watch it. I’ve embedded a shortened version of the documentary here for you to watch. I’ve also summarized some of the facts (see the bottom of the page). PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!

* Animal agriculture is responsible for 51% of human caused climate change.
* 1 quarter pounded requires 660 gallons of water to produce, the equivalent of showering for 2 entire months.
* Domestic water use is 5%; animal agriculture is 55%.
* Raising animals for food is responsible for 30% of the worlds water consumption, occupies up to 45% of the earth’s land, and is responsible for up to 91% of amazon destruction.
* Animal agricultures is the leading cause of ocean dead zones, habitat destruction, and species extinction.
* By 2048 we are predicted to have FISHLESS oceans.
* Raising cattle produces more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation industry (planes, trains, cars).
* 2,500 gallons H2O for 1 pound of beef
* Fracking uses 100 billion gallons water. Cattle raising uses 34 trillion gallons of water.

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