Why people love The Classroom Doc

Dr. Thalia Charney’s programs are refreshing, insightful and inspiring

Dr. Uche Odiatu, Author of The Miracle of Health

“I  have to say this was one of the most beneficial lunch n/ learns.  I’m really interested in Dr. Charney’s methods…”

“I found this lecture very helpful and she really knew her subject.  I have already made some changes.  I would love to attend another…”

Gardiner Roberts LLP

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and gained knowledge from this Seminar. I would love to have her back as of course, there are many more aspects to wellness and fatigue, if this is at all possible. “

“It was simply a wonderful, educational seminar today, and I’d like to thank her very much.”

“Just wanted you to know that this session was wonderful–I believe in all things naturopathic and this lady was great too–can’t give me enough of this!” Miller Thomson

“A very objective, informative, balanced presentation which has motivated me to further research!” Roger MacEwan

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your presentation as it was well documented and very informative.” Mirela Blandea.

“Dr. Charney provides important insights into various health issues clearly and concisely; it’s amazing how much information and education is provided in a short hour to motivate immediate lifestyle changes. I love all of Dr. Charney’s Lunch and Learns and am really looking forward to the next one.” Seema Iyer.

I would like to let you know that this was one of the very best Lunch ‘n Learn sessions that we’ve had. I found Dr. Charney to be very knowledgeable and thought she gave an excellent and informative presentation!”

“I thought her presentation was unique. I was expecting the usual talk of washing your hands and getting the flu shot (both of which I do). …”

SAS Institute (Canada) Inc.

Dr. Thalia Charney is an amazing speaker.  She is composted, articulate and thoughtful.  She is very knowledgeable, searches and shares incredible in-depth information.  I know that when I listen to Dr. Charney it is a good use of my time.” 

Dr. Dana Colson, DDS, Author of 'Your Mouth: A Gateway to a Healthier You'

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