If you go and grab just a few products from your kitchen I’m sure you are likely to find two common sugars called dextrose and maltodextrin. In fact, they are often combined with other sweeteners in those table-top sweeteners you may buy to add to your coffee or tea. Even if you buy the “natural” sweetener Stevia you will often find it there.

Both dextrose and maltodextrin are powders used to provide texture, flavour and bulk to foods. They are derived from food starch using a process called partial-hydrolysis (a chemical breakdown using water).

Since they most often come from corn starch, they likely contain GMOs. Dextrose is pure glucose. Glucose is the simple sugar that your cells use for energy. Maltodextrin is a complex of glucose units and contains up to 19% glucose.

Both are absorbed rapidly (dextrose more so) and raise blood sugar quickly. In fact, maltodextrin has a glycemic index of 130! This is very high, so if you are diabetic you should definitely avoid maltodextrin.

Both can be found in numerous products including artificial sweetener packets.

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