Root vegetables can be strange looking and intimidating… but they are fantastic and nourishing, especially for the winter time. I will tell you about burdock root in a moment. I decided to pickle my roots in a brine to make for easy daily eating. They compliment any meal! I will be teaching a workshop on fermentation (pickling, etc.) in a next few weeks!

I combined burdock, celery, parsley, black radish and daikon roots. You can see a close up photo of the burdock root at the end.

You will find burdock in health food stores in herbal formulas promoted for the liver or as blood cleansers. Traditionally burdock was used to remove waste products from the body. It has an affinity for the liver and kidneys. In Chinese medicine it might be used for “kidney yin deficiency”, something many women in menopause have. Some great uses for burdock are for skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema or cystic acne (especially in adults), an enlarged prostate or as a gentle diuretic for water retention.

As always, there are no magic bullets. It works fantastically in conjunction with other herbs and lifestyle changes to address the “root” (no pun intended) causes of disease.

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